More than a rate

General Pam Pikkert 24 Oct

  I am always so pleased when a new client tells me they just want the best rate and nothing but the best rate.

It opens the door wide for me to explain how the best rate could actully be a wolf in disguise.

Did you know that the benefits of the lower payments today may be greatly outweighed by the costs you may incur later?

For example:

Each lender in Canada is able to calculate the penalty to break the mortgage contract very differently.  

As you never know exactly where life is going to take you, it is best to acknowledge you just might have to.

What would cost $2500 at 1 lender will cost you $6800 at another.  It is all disclosed in the fine print of course but how can the average consumer realistically be expected to decipher what will happen?

I can help.  Rely on my years of experience to help you through this process.